School Departments

Biblical Studies & Theology

Narrative Description of the Status of the Department

This Department is actually named Biblical Studies and Theology. Biblical Studies "is primarily concerned with the basic meaning of passages or sections of the biblical texts (known as 'exegesis') at the base level, as well as the developments and circumstances of Judaism and early Christianity." Thus, the subject of biblical studies is the book known as the Bible, its literature, Nature, history, composition, authors, languages and so on. Biblical studies also include the study of the communities in which human biblical authors existed, as well as the study of different books that contribute to our English Bible's greater literary interpretation. Studies in theology are topical. Meaning, an approach to Christian Theology (found mainly in the Bible) that includes sorting the data into divisions and structures that are well-ordered. One of those "well-ordered categories" is the theory of God which includes organizing all the biblical evidence, as Daley writes, "whole-Bible ideas," which explain who God is and what He does in relation to His creatures especially man. Related courses and topics in this department include: Systematic Theology, Christian doctrines, Apologetics, Philosophy of Religion, Liberation Theology, Black Theology etc.

The Goals of the Department

The Department of Biblical Studies and Theology strongly purports to be a channel in promoting the visions and missions of UMCA Theological College, Ilorin. Therefore, in order to realize the College’s main focuses, the department set forth the following goals to guide both the staff and students:

      • Provide and facilitate quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs of Biblical Studies and Theology through quality lifestyles of the teaching staff, careful design of the curriculum, qualified teaching staff and quality teaching delivery, quality resources/facilities for learning and research and friendly atmosphere for learning.


      • Deliberately equipping every student and church worker with the truth of God’s Word (the Bible) as well as practical training that equips the student for efficiency in ministry, both in Africa and across the globe and instilling spiritual, moral and academic discipline in the students.


      • Project as a laboratory to experiment and facilitate biblical contextual learning and promote methods that will help every student discover the joy and value of reading, studying, exegeting, interpreting scriptures and presenting the gospel.


      • Encourage students to apply the knowledge they have acquired to their lifestyles and ministries.


      • Broaden scope of learning with exposure to local and international conferences, writing research papers for publications, biblical/theological research opportunities, forums, symposiums, and seminars.


      • Encouraging students by rewarding and celebrating achievements by generating scholarship for students and grants for research for Biblical Studies and Theology.


The Objectives of the Department

Cognitive Outcomes: The students of the department at the completion of their course would be able to:

      1. Build the potential for biblical languages to be used;


      2. Employ theological reflection in practice;


      3. Understand how standard theological instruments and procedures should be used;


      4. Understand the Bible in its literary, historical and religious perspectives;


      5. Understand Christian Theology's scriptural, geographical, and metaphysical foundations;


      6. Have a historical understanding of the great heritage of the Christian faith.


Affective Outcomes:

      1. Desire Christ-like formation in all areas of life for the Glory of God


      2. Grow in passion for God and his worldwide Church


      3. Establish concern for biblical justice and recognize the responsibility to serve others


Vocational Outcomes:

      1. Communicate biblical and theological ideas in culturally relevant ways


      2. Critical and reflective interpretation of biblical and religious texts


      3. Teach both biblical material and historical theology's large contours


      4. Develop the skills needed in seminary or graduate school


    5. Serve in a local church, ministry or other organization



Music Department

Martin Luther said: “… next to the word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world”. It controls our thoughts, minds, hearts, and spirits… our dear fathers and prophets did not desire without reason that music be always used in the Churches. Hence, we have so many songs and psalms. This precious gift has been given to man alone that he might thereby remind himself that God has created man for the express purpose of praising and extolling God. In the light of the thought above, Music Department at UMCA THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE is committed to excellence in training and developing students for church music ministry, worship leadership, and becoming a successful Christian Artist. Foundational knowledge and training is matched with an unparalleled amount of practical experience and exposure to many of the most successful artists in the world of Christian music. Certificate, Diploma and bachelor programs are offered providing education in biblical studies, music theory, history of music and church music, worship and compositional techniques and production, Orchestration, applied music in major and minor musical instruments, Ear and voice training for each student.


      1. Offer courses in African and Western European music.


      2. Produce well qualified Church Musician capable of administering, directing, playing and singing in the church setting to enhance the preaching ministry of the church, and teaching music at the primary, secondary and tertiary institution levels.


      3. Produce Musician that will transform the nature of music in the Church and our society as they interact with various music industries and organizations towards restoring the dignity that music adds to life.


      4. Produce Church Musicians and teachers who are prepared and are capable of benefiting from further education in music.


      5. Promote the gospel.


      6. Make Pastors and teachers acquire skills in music for Church and School staff reliance.


Upon completion of the program, the student should be equipped to do the following:
      • Produce Musician that will transform the nature of music in the Church and our society as they interact with various music industries and organizations towards restoring the dignity that music adds to life.


      • Articulate a philosophy of Christian worship and music by means of a research paper citing scriptural references and other resources to support their philosophy.


      • Perform a junior and senior recital that shows the student is competent as a performer.


      • Prepare a choir or praise team for a church worship service for a local church using rehearsal and conducting techniques developed in conducting courses.


      • Organize and administer the church music department as a result of completing course requirements of various church music courses and serving as a church intern.


      • Demonstrate competence in music theory and aural skills, music history, and formal analytical techniques.


      • the ability to use research tools and analysis independently to develop, defend, and write musical judgments.


    • understanding, supported by and gained from practical experience, of the vocation and role of the church musician, its pastoral and theological implications, and its administrative practice.



Go into all the world. Spread the gospel to every person and every people group in Nigeria and around the globe. UMCA THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE combines biblical training and missionary strategy to train students to develop a vision for the lost and equip them with the tools they need to fulfill that vision. The Department of Missions also challenges you to pursue hard questions, acquire biblical knowledge and engage in the hands-on practice of ministry. Through an education built on close reading of texts, exploration of deep philosophical questions and powerful understanding of complex cultures, you’ll develop the critical thinking and cultural understanding to tackle modern-day issues and graduate with the skills vital to the formation of people and cultures worldwide. Are you passionate about spreading the gospel in its full biblical integrity to every person and every people group in Nigeria and around the world? UMCA THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE combines biblical training and missionary strategy to train students to develop a vision for the lost and the tools they need to fulfill that vision.

Christian Education

Christian Education department is one of the unique departments in the college. It focuses on training pastors, teachers, and evangelists. This is a section in the college that its primary purpose is to teach people the word of God, teaching them the true epistemology using the Bible or Christian based curriculum that enables them to be true ambassadors of Christ both within and outside the Church. The vision of the department aligns with the vision of the College which is, “Training Effective Leaders for Christ’’. The department is rich in administering courses like Christian Counseling, Methods and Principles of Teaching, Youth Education, Children Education, Adult Education and other courses that enhance the vision and calling of a minister. Jesus was able to come up with positive achievements in ministry because He knows the method to apply in teaching for all age groups. To the children like the children to the adult like the adult.

The following are members of the department:
      1. Vincent, E. I. ( HoD Christian Education).


      2. Prof. Mrs M. Adegbija (Academic Dean of the College)


      3. Rev Dr. John Saba


      4. Rev. Manga Muhammed


    5. Mrs Esther David


General Studies

UMCA Theological College Ilorin has been an abode that houses several preachers of gospel in training; it has been a mother shielding and impacting many pastors in spiritual, truth and faith based teachings. Truly, one can say the institution has not backslide on its watchword, "holding forth the word of truth".

 The College is blessed with many great spiritually sound past and present provosts, who had and still devoting their time, energy, resources to the growth and the development of the College. Consequently, the leadership of the College has been the bane of the consciousness of the integrity it holds on to till this very moment.

There are a handful of departments in the College, among which are Biblical Studies, General Studies, Christian Education and Missions.

The Department of GNS had been saddled with the responsibility of the exposing the pastor's in training to the knowledge that will keep them in good terms and constant awareness of the knowledge of the general public, during and after their training.


Furthermore, the department is not limited in ensuring that the pastors in training are also acquainted with sound knowledge of rhetoric’s to ensure that they bridge the gap of language related problems. For emphasis, it is also to consolidate peace of the society wherever they will eventually serve as heads of churches.


The department in its effort has also deemed it fit to equip pastors in training with entrepreneurial skills of different kinds. Soft and hard tech trainings of different stages have been put in place to prone students’ technical skills in handling biblical teaching issues.


The GNS department is blessed with astute and competent lecturers per excellence.

The HOD- Mrs. S.G. Ekundayo (B.Ed. - Unilorin; M.Th. TCNN)


Mr. Philemon Monday (B.A., M.A: linguistics- University of Sokoto)


Azeez B.I. (B.A., M.A: English- University of Ilorin)


If you  desire sound  biblical referenced fact based teachings devoid of admixture of sentiments, then UMCA is the solid ground upon which your desires and aspirations  of becoming a refined  a vessel in the hands of God can be achieved.

 We wish you the very best of luck as you take a wise decision to join us.